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 Chrissehp Application

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Registration date : 2006-11-15

PostSubject: Chrissehp Application   Wed Nov 15, 2006 5:45 am

Your Age:24
Soldier's Name:Chrissehp

Favorite Kit:Assault

Favorite Weapon:any rifle

Favorite Vehicle:anything that can carry more than one!

What you like to do in 2142: As long as I can get myself into a squad-im happy. I always pester squad leaders for orders, and if there arent any orders then im outta there. Im here because you play by tactics - and I love tactics. I love to play a supporting role to attackers or defenders

Your best experience in a game: kinda weird-but it was as simple as me and my squad leader approaching a capture point, coming over a hill, darting from cover to cover.

Your worst experience in game: Spawning at home base when we are nearly out of tickets, and i see half of my team queing up trying to catch the next vehicle spawn.

Short description of yourself:
My name is Chris, I work for Honda selling cars, not bikes! Its a full time job and I LOVE it. I love playing tactical FPS. I live in a small town called Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. I was the first person in the town to get broadband about 8 years ago. Before broadband was around (in the UK anyways) My first online game experiences were a dial up one on one Command and Conquer. Then I moved to Half Life Team Fortress Classic, I played this for aaaaages in a Clan, then moved to CounterStrike, which i play still today. I beta tested Battlefield 1942, and played each one til now. Im desperate for a more involved tactical playing experience!
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Chrissehp Application
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