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 TWL: Special Note regarding GUID's, PID is NOT your GUID!

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PostSubject: TWL: Special Note regarding GUID's, PID is NOT your GUID!   Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:58 pm

I know I need to correct this for my TWL registration to prevent any possible disputes. Make sure we are all properly registered. The follwoing is from the TWL forums...........

"Lately we've had an ongoing problem with players adding their PID instead of their GUID onto their TWL profile.

Your PID (Player identification number) has nothing to do with your GUID (Globally Unique Identifier), PID is used only for stats tracking and has nothing to do with punkbuster or TWL.

Your GUID is a unique identification number given to you by punkbuster which they use to ban you if you're ever caught cheating. We use the GUID to prevent smurfing and to make sure you're not on the master ban list.

PID's are numeric only using only 0-9, GUID's are alphanumeric using A-F, 0-10.

Use this link for help finding your GUID -

Sixshot from BF2 also made a great post visually walking you through adding your GUID to your TWL profile. "
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TWL: Special Note regarding GUID's, PID is NOT your GUID!
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