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 application for azduster

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Age : 42
Registration date : 2007-01-20

PostSubject: application for azduster   Sat Jan 20, 2007 2:46 am

---Main Information---

1. Your age:30
2. Soldier's name: Cecil
3. Your personal nickname:azduster
4. Public Knife kills:0
5. Favorite kit:support
6. Favorite weapon:HMG
7. Favorite unlock toy:EMP Geranade
8. Favorite vehicle:Tank
9. Favorite team to play:Either or but mainly EU
10. Xfire name:azduster

---Game and leadership information---
-What kind of competitive gaming have you done, organized or not? Started a campain with 21CW but had to move and did not have a conection for a while and was un able to finish
-What platform and game/s did you start on, and what made the most -difference to you? online gameing was BF2 for the PC, I realy liked the game play and ability to work in a small unit
-Do you have any tactical Airsoft, Paintball, or Military experience?6+years Army 1 in Iraq(19D Recon Spc) Bradley Commander.
-Did you ever play any team organized sports?yes little league and scocer in JH
-What games do you play right now? BF 2142 and BF2
-Short description of what you like to do in 2142:Only have played a couple of hours online but it is best when you can get on a good server with good squads
-Short description of your best experience in a game:Got on a good squad where every one fallowed the SL's orders and helped eachother
-Short description of your worst experience in game:got on server where every one just ran around not carring abought winning just killing. could have just been the team I was on no one had voice other than me.
-Short description of yourself: I work on a copper mine, been out of the Army for almost a year, hunt and fish offten.
-What is your playtime like every week?It varies I work 12hr shifts 7a-7p 4nights -off 3- 3day-off2-3nights-off3-4days-off7....... any of my days off I can plan to play.

If you could live in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be and why? Kibab platue, Trees Deer,Snow.
Mixed drink or beer? And you’re favorite. Beer BudLite

If you could list the 3 things that you think you are the best at what would they be?
2.turning wrenches
3.collecting broken trucks,
The 3 worst?
1. spelling
2. sucking up
3. house cleaning

Step 2- Get Ventrilo and Xfire set up and running. Xfire will be how we call you in our Ventrilo server for an interview.

Step 4- Tryout. You will be brought to a practice either on a Tuesday or Thursday night and be tested to some degree. You must have Xfire, Ventrilo, A complete application, and a good attitude to get into S7. Good luck.
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application for azduster
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