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 application process

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PostSubject: application process   Thu Oct 26, 2006 7:07 pm

Your Age: 21
Soldier's Name:Warlord3iii
Favorite Kit:Support (with EMP gren and Turret)
Favorite Weapon:I am not going to pretend to know the name, but the machine gun unlock for the Support class. Shotgun does not cut it for me.
Favorite Vehicle:Any vehicle someone else is driving. Its not that I am bad at driving... I just prefer taking the Gunner positions.
Short description of what you like to do in 2142:Follow behind an assult and help suppress the enemie. I like guarding my teamates and actually beign in a squad thats works together.
Short description of your best experience in a game: Skydiving from one plane to another in BF1942
Short description of your worst experience in game:Mind numbing grinding in World of Warcraft. That pretty much drained my soul.

Additional Info:I am a Garbage man, this means I wake up at 4:30 and work all morning. I am also a student at an Art institute of Portland, I have classes on Monday Tuesday and Wednessday nights. I wont be able to attend any meetings on those nights. The rest of the nights should be free with the exception of possable Lan parties on Friday nights. With that said though, I really look forward to orginized practices and tactical menouvers(sp?) with you guys. I am tired of playing in P.U.Gs they are lame.
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application process
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