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 App for Nasty

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PostSubject: App for Nasty   Thu Nov 02, 2006 6:16 pm

Your Age: 39 ( Hope I’m not out of the age limit?...LOL )

Soldier's Name: Nasty-One ( Doesn’t really apply… but sounded rough & tough. )

Favorite Kit: Assault

Favorite Weapon: GANZ HMG ( I would have to agree with Warlordiii, shottie not 4 me. )

Favorite Vehicle: APC ( Always nice if need to bail out quick, right click a ejection. )

Short description of what you like to do in 2142: I like to work & move as a unit, anytime I can help the squad or provide some distraction or cover the rear works for me. The overall team win or conquest for me is the motivation I need. Out in the public you don’t get any of that. ( Mass confusion. )

Short description of your best experience in a game: I guess with this question you would mean in this game? ( For we all have played many others. ) We had assembled a fair squad of guys & worked together through map to take out the commanders abilities. ( You guys know the drill, explosives on all the sat,uav,artil, etc. ) Left one guy back to destroy supplies drops to fix equip. Then the remanding swept the rest of the sites, Map after map.

Short description of your worst experience in game: One is the same as geebee, spawning at the same site & getting wiped over & over. LOL it’s the last spawn point 1 heavy armor doing the killing & the rest of team runs the other way. :sigh:. ( And oh ya all the hackers that have popped up in all the different type of game formats. ) :double sigh:.

Short description of yourself: Where 2 start? ( Humm )

Without making this into a life story from the movie “Roots”. ( Just Kidd ‘in )

I’m 39 ( I know I know… Old as dirt. ) I live in Montana ( I know I know where the hells that…lol. ) In a small town of Fort Benton, size of around 3000 people. I work & supervise a mid sized new car auto dealership. ( General Motors & Ford Motors together… ya I know I know…that’s just wrong… I know. LOL. )
Game wise I’m like most of you, Been their & done most all of them. Competed competitively in most all 1942/BF2/CoD/UO/CoD2 etc. Started my own clan & had 10-20 members for competition in the CoD/UO/Cod2, Way to much hack’ in going on in that platform so we all went different ways.
I’ve been with a clan for about 3yrs now through most of the ups & downs of match play. I’m looking for a clan that likes to practice strats instead of relying on everyone’s abilities. There is no I in Team. Our BF2 part of clan doesn’t play any more, hence when I read your post on TWL I would like 2 see if there is a place in your clan. ( Probably the practice the guy that runs here to their for target practice…LOL. ) Team focus & older more mature players has drawn me here.

All days of the week work for me, ( Noth’in to do up her in Montana…lol.) Mountain time might be one bad thing…2 hrs ahead of est…6:00 here 8:00 yours.

Thanx for your time. ( I know I know….wrote a book…sorry. )

Nasty. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: App for Nasty   Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:41 am

Hey I liked your book, haha.
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App for Nasty
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