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Registration date : 2006-11-03

PostSubject: APP   Fri Nov 03, 2006 2:49 pm

Your Age:31

Soldier's Name:Pure-Evil

Favorite Kit:BF2142-support

Favorite Weapon: dont have one(like them all as long as they kill)

Favorite Vehicle:BF2142-Tank

Short description of what you like to do in 2142:
I love to support my squad and team. like to cap flags too.

Short description of your best experience in a game:
In unreal tournament we were going on for number #1 rung on tdm 4v4 ladder on pg all we heard before the match was we had no chance we were going to get smoked. we practice and went over ever possible area on the maps we ended up whooping the top clan by over 100 frags on 2 straight maps and were number 1 for 6 months.

Short description of your worst experience in game:
when i was in this cod clan no one wanted to practice or work the maps we lost 5 matchs in a row. the clan leader took us off the ladder and the clan fell apart.

Short description of yourself:
I love the team game and kicking other clans asses with my clanmates is the best , and this clan sounded awesome from the beginning. I am not always the best but i always give 110% and am a soild team player.
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