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PostSubject: Postino   Sat Nov 04, 2006 6:23 am

Your Age:28

Soldier's Name:P0STIN0 or iLLPostino

Favorite Kit:support/engineer

Favorite Weapon:a squad assault weapon.

Favorite Vehicle:while solo a walker. with a full compliment, the APC's or Transport chopper

Short description of what you like to do in 2142: i prefer to sit behind the front in an elevated position to provide cover fire and intel. it is rare that i get to do this as no one cares for intel, nor forms much of a front. i usually end up driving something to provide support, and trying to hold on to key positions. i usually have to do this alone as most folks run to where the heat is rather than setting up for where the heat will come.

Short description of your best experience in a game:
seeing solid team work overcome great odds. hell, seing solid teamwork at all is pretty spiffy in my book. also, mowing through 4 chumps in a row can get my ego stoked. i guess i am pretty simple when it comes to my jollies.

Short description of your worst experience in game:
the opposite of above. watching a favorable situation turn to shit because everyone gets complacent and goes willy-nilly down their own path without thinking about holding on to whats imortant.

Short description of yourself:
i just started a career in GIS(it may cause some drawbacks to my participation but what S7 describes is too good for me to pass up without trying out) i am married and have 18 "children" of avian, feline and rodent varieties. i play and paint miniature wargames, though i am not playing anything right now. i played mechwarrior ladders with the IRON BRIGADE some years ago, and participated in a heavy duty, mature raiding guild in EQ2(Legacy). these are games and i have to put RL first, but i also assign a lot of obligation into my playing when i am in a solid much so that i sometimes feel guilty if i am able to commit as much as i would like.
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