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Welcome to the Syndicate Seven forums. S7 is a BF2142 ladder clan.
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 What we are, What we do.

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What we are, What we do. Empty
PostSubject: What we are, What we do.   What we are, What we do. Icon_minitimeSat Oct 14, 2006 4:24 pm

Syndicate Seven Tactical Overview

Syndicate Seven is an online gaming clan. We play BF 2142. We are a ladder team and we will compete on TWL.

S7 is very team oriented. Everyone has a squad, and in that squad everyone has a job they fill. A squad is made of 6 members. It breaks down into two Fire Teams. The team leader of Fire Team Alpha is also the Squad leader. Ideally I like to have 7 members per squad. (A format I used in PS and other games.) But 2142 allows for only 6.

We are very tactical. By this I mean that we use tactics. (AKA: plans). Which we must practice to be good at. Our squads stick together. They move and act as one. They do so in a very militaristic way.

Many, many times I have had recruits tell me; "I love tactics, I use them all the time. I am a team-player." However 90% of them are not/do not. Maybe they just don't have the same view of military tactics as I do. When I say tactical I am thinking of this:

One squad attacks from the North. Split into two fire teams. One at the right flank, one at the font. Squad leader is on the hill in the back sniping and providing Intel to the fire teams. Little does the enemy defending the point know that the squad attacking them are just a distraction. Forcing them to move at them and/or take cover. Flanking in from the East is a second squad, and they are pushing hard and fast into the position. Once there, Squad 1 comes in and cleans up the area around the point.

That is tactical. Simple albeit, but tactical. And it takes practice. More than just one try at it. It must be practiced over and over again. Until it is second nature for everyone.

Fire teams within a squad work separate as one. Meaning one fire team may flank the enemy while the other provides support fire or distraction.

Many of our squad tactics are exactly the same as, or based upon real US. Military squad maneuvers. To include movement, combat formations, and other tactics.

It is a lot of work to get that good. But it's worth the effort. Just think.. You'll be able to take on any enemy defense. Defend from any enemy attack. And when you're squad is pinned down, you will call for air support... and then you will get it.

Welcome to S7.

The real deal.
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What we are, What we do.
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