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 11-9-06 Practice

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11-9-06 Practice Empty
PostSubject: 11-9-06 Practice   11-9-06 Practice Icon_minitimeFri Nov 10, 2006 3:45 am

It's past 2am. We played a long time tonight. And before that we practiced a long time.

All of you who read this got the PM and the link to our first laid out tactic. It's a real nice one. Geebee and I worked out the basic plan. And tonight we tweaked it a little. Walked over it and talked about it.. Some 6 or 7 times. Each time finding something new. Spotting yet another prime sniper spot, areas of likely enemy defense, so on and so on.

After that, we split into the teams. And executed the tactic several times on an empty map. We worked out the timing. Tweaked a few more things. Then we turned on the bots. Just for the sake of trying it under fire. Again it went off real smooth. Its a good tactic.

Just ask Kerby, Thomas, Frost, Jowy, Sehv, Nasty, and IAMZIM.

While I am mentioning them, I should mention what an excellent job they did learning, adding to and helping to perfect our first tactic. It took time, effort, patience, teamwork and wit, to do it. Are those not the qualities where S7 should shine the brightest?

Those who couldn’t make it. You missed out. Get in on it this Saturday. We will be doing it again. (geebee and anyone with good reason is excused). Anyone who was just a no-show... WEAK. Mad

This one particular map will be our concentration all the rest of this week. The tactic we practiced tonight is not completely perfected yet. There are still a few wrinkles that need ironing, and a few what if's that need if'ing. Razz

Any further discussion of this tactic in detail should be done in TACSCOM. I just want to post here to represent for S7.
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11-9-06 Practice
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