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Welcome to the Syndicate Seven forums. S7 is a BF2142 ladder clan.
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 Applicants Read This

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PostSubject: Applicants Read This   Applicants Read This Icon_minitimeSat Oct 14, 2006 8:33 pm

So you want to join S7?

Step 1- Reach down in your panties and see if you got a pair. If you do, continue to Step 2-

Step 2- Read the following.

What We Want

This is what we want in a member

    1- Be grown up: Meaning you are over 21 yrs old. Have a job, and/or family. Basically, that you have a life with more pressing issues than the game. If you fall under this catagory you know it. If you aren't sure, then you do not fit the bill.

    2- Be there: If you have dedicated yourself to S7 you will be required to attend practice at least once a week. Practices are Tues, Thurs and Sat from 7pm-10pm. Practices will increase the days before a ladder match. If you cannot attend those practices you will not be able to compete in the match with the rest of the team.

    3- Be a team player: You must play your part in the overall team. Which at times will mean you have to do something you might not want to. It means you need patience and persistence. Put the team first, yourself last. Everyone, including myself will follow that outline. There is no I in team. Team first, you last.

    4- Love of tactics: S7 is a very strategic clan. We use many real squad tactics. The same ones soldiers practice and use. And we will also practice and use. You must have a real desire to perform these tactics. If your idea of tactical is just winning the fight. You are at the wrong clan's forums. We win with tactics. So love them, practice them, use them.

    5- Desire and Drive: You must have the desire and drive to accomplish our team's goals. Our goals and standards are set high. Working together we will see them recognized. You must want victory if you are to taste it. There is no second place. Either we go home winners, or we go home losers. When you go to the xfire meeting, your bonus answer is winner. Got that?

    6- Indomitable Spirit: There will be times when things go bad. Plans fall apart. There will be days when we go home the losers. And it will be disheartening. Quitting will be on everyone's mind. But we will take that negativity and transmute it. We will push past it and correct the problems, or simply accept defeat. We are warriors of honor. Not whimpering sore losers. We will pick up, figure out what went wrong, and work it. And then you will go get even. Twisted Evil

What You Need

Things you'll need to get

    1- TeamSpeak: Get it here. It is a must have. We have a privately run server we use. So get it, get it working.
    The "I don't have a mic" line will not fly here. They are 5 bucks. Go get one.
    NOTE: We realize that BF 2142 has a built in system. But it seems that it doesn't work right. Which seems to be the standard for built in voice chats. If it starts to work, we will just use that. Until then we use TS.

    2- Xfire: Get it here. It is an instant message type service for gamers. Its free and popular. We use it to have meetings and stay in contact in and out of games. Another must have.

Head on to the Application.
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Applicants Read This
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