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 KamikazeMOFO's Application

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Number of posts : 66
Age : 36
Localisation : Bay Area, California
Registration date : 2006-11-11

PostSubject: KamikazeMOFO's Application   Sat Nov 11, 2006 4:38 pm

Your Age: 24

Soldier's Name: KamikazeMOFO

Favorite Kit: Engineer

Favorite Weapon: Pilum

Favorite Vehicle: Walker/Hovertank

Short description of what you like to do in 2142: I generally go engineer, mine the silos, then when the titan shields are down, I either go assault and attack the titan or if needed, go support and defend ours.

Short description of your best experience in a game: There have been a few, but I play with a friend of mine often, and one time we had a great commander and a squad that actually worked together. The few times that happens always turns out well. Our squad was the entire reason we even won, and that felt good.

Short description of your worst experience in game: Everyone has their bad days, for whatever reason. Bad commander, can't hit anything, spawning 5 times in a row in front of an enemy with your back turned, etc.

Short description of yourself: Live near San Francisco, currently jobless but looking, graduated from UCLA a short while ago, looking for solid games with good teamwork. I used to be in a clan a few years ago in counterstrike and AA, and we participated in a few ladders (TWL was one of them), and I had some bad experiences (with the ladder, not the clan). I'm hoping to get some good tournament experience.
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KamikazeMOFO's Application
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