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 Jowy's Application

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PostSubject: Jowy's Application   Thu Oct 26, 2006 7:40 pm

Your Age: 22
Soldier's Name: Jowy
Favorite Kit: Recon / Engy
Favorite Weapon: Sniper Rilfe
Favorite Vehicle: FAVs, I prefer speed to armor
Short description of what you like to do in 2142: I like to support my friendly troops with pinning fire against enemy strong holds and take out enemy armor because i really despise armor.
Short description of your best experience in a game: Working with a few founders of a guild to build something from the ground up and watching it flourish and do the best it could considering all the hinderences it had placed on it.
Short description of your worst experience in game: Playing at a halo 2 tournament just to be beat by people using exploints such as pulling flags through the wall to cap them... That was the worst thing ever and what made it worse was it was a close match even though they were cutting down their flag running time.

More about me I'm 22 and i'm heading for a PhD in Psychology so i can open up my own clinic and therapy center, I do laser designs for a scrap book company. I still like to hang out with my buddies on the weekends and having a good time. Tuesdays and Thursday are hard to make but Fridays shouldn't be a problem and if i have one i'll be sure to clear a tuesday or thursday at least for practice. Soon my times should open up more and allow me to make most if not all the practices.
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S7 Commander
S7 Commander

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PostSubject: Application Process Incomplete   Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:04 pm

Has not completed Xfire interview.
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Jowy's Application
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